Research Summary

I obtained a Ph.D. degree in Biostatistics (April 2020) at the University of Pittsburgh. My primary research interests focus on complex survival data with high dimensional covariates

Specifically, I am working on 1) semiparametric inference for multivariate time-to-event data (right- and interval-censored) with applications to the high-dimensional covariate setting (e.g., genetics); 2) machine/deep learning prediction for censored outcomes using genetic and imaging data; 3) model diagnosis for copula-based survival models; 4) variable selection for high-dimensional covariates. Currently I have accepted publications in Biometrics, Biostatistics (won the 2019 ENAR Student Paper Award), Statistical Methods in Medical Research, Statistics in Medicine (won the 2019 LiDS Poster Award), Lifetime Data Analysis, and R Journal.

My current applications include analyzing high-dimensional bioinformatics data (genetics, RNA sequencing, single cell RNA sequencing, proteomics and metabolomics data) and large-scale national survey data (NHANES). I am the first author of several clinical publications, including the American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology and the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice.

My other collaborative fields include longitudinal data analysis, causal inference and study design. I collaborate with physicians, epidemiologists and medical researchers in pulmonary, cancer, epidemiology and psychiatry studies. I have co-authored more than 10 published papers, including Science and Nature Immunology

Curriculum Vitae (November 10, 2022)

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Short Bio

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the Renmin University of China School of Statistics. I received my Ph.D. degree in Biostatistics from the University of Pittsburgh, co-advised by Drs. Ying Ding and Wei Chen. I received my M.S. degrees in Biostatistics and Immunology from Columbia University and University of Pittsburgh, B.S. degree in Animal Sciences from Cornell University, D.V.M degree from China Agricultural University.


  • Best Presentation Award, Biostatistics Research Day, University of Pittsburgh, 2020
  • ASA Pittsburgh Chapter Student of the Year, ASA Pittsburgh Chapter, 2019
  • ENAR Distinguished Student Paper Award, 2019
  • ICSA Student Paper Award, 2019
  • Lifetime Data Science Conference (LiDS) Best Poster Award, 2019
  • SAMSI Travel Award for the Deep Learning Workshop, 2019
  • iBRIGHT Travel Award, MD Anderson Cancer Center, 2019
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, 2019
  • Honorable Mention Student Presentation Award, Department of Biostatistics, 2018


  • National Natural Science Foundation of China. Novel Semiparametric Transformation Model under Complex Censoring with Application to the Progression of Chronic Diseases in the Elderly. (Principal investigator, 2022-2024).

Publications [by topic]:

  1. Tao Sun, Yu Cheng, Ying Ding. (2022+). An information Ratio-based Goodness-of-Fit Test for Copula Models on Censored Data. Biometrics. Accepted.
  2. Tao Sun, Yunlong Li, Zhengyan Xiao, Ying Ding, Xiaojun Wang. (2022+). Semiparametric copula method for semi-competing risks data subject to interval censoring and left truncation: Application to disability in elderly. Statistical Methods in Medical Research. Accepted.
  3. Tao Sun, Ying Ding. (2022+). Neural network on interval-censored data with application to the prediction of Alzheimer’s disease. Biometrics. Accepted.
  4. Grubisha, MJ, Sun, T, Erickson, SL, Helmer, CD, Ding, Y, Homanics, GE, Penzes, P, Wills, ZP, Sweet, RA. (2021). A Missense Mutation in Kalirin Enhances Neuronal RhoA Signaling and Leads to Regression of Cortical Dendritic Arbors Across Development. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Accepted.
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  9. Tao Sun, Yi Liu, Richard J. Cook, Wei Chen, Ying Ding. (2019). Copula-based Score Test for Bivariate Time-to-event Data, with Application to a Genetic Study of AMD Progression. Lifetime Data Analysis. 25(3):546–568. PMID: 30560439.
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Under review/in preparation:

  1. Tao Sun, Minyue Liu, Wei Chen, Juan C. Celedon. Computer-aided Asthma Diagnosis in School-age Children. [Shiny]. In preparation.


Teaching is a rewarding and fulfilling experience to me. I am the primary instructor for a major graduate-level course for two consecutive years. Besides, I was the teaching assistant to the advanced course of Survival Analysis.

  • Fall 2020: Sampling Techniques (primary instructor, 63 students)
  • Fall 2017, Fall 2018: BIOST 2081 Mathematical Methods for Statistics (primary instructor, 32 students)
  • Spring 2018: BIOST 2054 Survival Analysis (teaching assistant)
  • Spring 2019: Invited lecturer in BIOST 2054 Survival Analysis

Selected Presentations:

I enjoy to share and learn ideas through presentations. I attend ENAR, ICSA, JSM and LiDS.


  • Lab meeting and journal club organizer, 2017-2019
  • Session chair
    • JSM 2019, ENAR 2019, JSM 2017
  • Representative
    • ASA Pittsburgh Chapter 2019, Biostatistics Department 2017


If you are interested in my work, please send me an email ( Thanks for your attention!