• CopulaCenR: a comprehensive and user-friendly R package for building copula-based regression models in bivariate censored data. Available in CRAN [manual]. It includes a variety of copula families (e.g., Clayton, Gumbel, Frank, Joe, AMH) and marginal models (parametric and semiparametric). It also provides likelihood-based tests for covariate effects and a list of S3 methods (for simulation, plotting, prediction, etc).
  • AsthmaDiagnosis: a shiny application for computer-aided diagnosis of children asthma; targeting for early asthma diagnosis at home or less-resourced areas.
  • DNNSurv: a user-friendly tutorial of survival prediction using neural networks. It provides helpful functions and metrics (such as Brier score, C-index, time-dependent AUC) for model evaluation (e.g., internal and external validations) and variable importance interpretation.
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